Larry Weyand: Peeling the Sticker Off an Overripe Pear

   12/03/2021 — 30/08/2021

Dates for exhibitions are an estimate and are subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions.

CURATOR:    Tara Bursey

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St. John’s-based artist Larry Weyand explores family and memory through yarn and cloth, transforming moments in time into a series of two- and three-dimensional rugs. Bright, colourful, and humorous mats softly and safely start conversations about mental health, intergenerational dysphoria, trauma, and the act of making as a coping mechanism, and occupy the space where narrative, psychological resilience, matmaking and food intersect.

Larry Weyand is a performance artist and rug hooker whose work defies the established properties of traditional floor decor and domesticity. Fueled by the complex history of processed foods and emotional trauma, Larry investigates how hard-to-swallow narratives can occupy space within the soft, fluffy boundaries of textile-based craft. Larry is now a visiting professor in Fibres & Textiles at Memorial University’s Grenfell campus in their new home in Newfoundland.

Image Credit:    Larry Weyand, Do You Ever Wonder What You’re Doing With Your Life? 2019, yarn, burlap, stuffing, 8” x 18” x 17.5”. Courtesy of the artist.