Over the last forty years, the Art Gallery of Burlington has amassed the largest comprehensive collection of contemporary Canadian ceramics in the world, totally over 4,000 works. The AGB boasts a broad selection of work from across the country, ranging from highly functional to sculptural installations that illustrate the intersection of high craftsmanship and artistic expression.

New Acquisitions

Support the AGB’s Collection of Contemporary Canadian Ceramics

The care and maintenance of the permanent collection requires ongoing financial support. Your support will assist with the physical care of the artwork, the digitization of pieces to increase accessibility to the collection online, and purchases of new work to better represent current Canadian ceramic practices.

The AGB has put a pause on collecting. Artwork donation forms can still be submitted; however work will not be considered for acquisition until 2022.

Explore the AGB Research Library & Study Collection

The AGB seeks to promote and facilitate the ongoing research of Canadian ceramics. A research library containing over 2,100 publications is available for reference by request, as well as our Study Collection of Contemporary Canadian Ceramics. To schedule an appointment to view these items, please email christine@agb.life

Please note that publications and Study Collection pieces cannot be removed from the Research Room.