Over 600 volunteers give 20,000 hours of their time each year to free minds, feed spirits, and build community at the AGB.

Please note: The Art Gallery of Burlington is not accepting volunteer applications at this time. Thank you so much for your support as we navigate our staged reopening.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Art Gallery of Burlington, thank you to all of our volunteers. The Art Gallery of Burlington relies on volunteers in all aspects of its operation to deliver on our mission to our communities. Even with the AGB doors closed to the public, our volunteers are contributing in many ways, and this speaks so well and clearly to your commitment to volunteerism and the AGB. Thank you, you are making a difference.”

Paul MacDiarmid, AGB Board Chair

We applaud you.

Thank you for all that you do.

500 hours

Patricia Elliott (AGB Shop)
Kathy May (AGB Shop)
Peter Zevenhuizen (Conservatory)
Sue Aiken (Docent)
Giselle Risse (BSHG)
Jennifer Neve (BHSG)
Nicole Dolson (BHSG)
Wendy Hall (AGB Shop)
Melanie Bailey-Cox (BHSG)
Catherine Lorraway (BFAA)
Christian Mittelstaedt (BFAA)
Trisha Lee (BHCG)
Jim Thomas (BHSG)
Ken McCutcheon (BSCG)
Jill Duvnjak (BHSG)

1000 hours

Connie Donlon (AGB Shop)
Andrzej Pradzynski (Latow)
Susan Carter (BGFA)

1500 hours

Greg Marshall (BPG)

2000 hours

Myrna Renshaw (AGB Shop)
Lyn Low (BPG)

3000 hours

Joyce Elhard (AGB Shop)

3500 hours

Christina Moskal (AGB Shop)

Thank you to our generous Volunteer Appreciation sponsor