Tamyka Bullen, Fly Higher Live performance

Presented by Art Gallery of Burlington

   January 8, 2022

   3 to 4 PM
   Lee-Chin Family Gallery

Join us on Saturday, January 8 for a live ASL performance of Tamyka Bullen’s Fly Higher. This event is free to attend.

After visiting Guyana, Tamyka wrote a poem describing a taxi ride that opened a window into the politics of a place. The ASL performance of Fly Higher uses the taxi route to illustrate oppressive systems that affects all of us – socially, economically, and politically – to explain the discrimination against Deaf people that stems from policies that favor elites such as hearing folks.

Curated by Su-Ying Lee, Fly Higher is part of How to Read a Vessel programming and closes the exhibition on its final weekend.

The AGB and the artist would like to thank Thurga Kanagasekarampillai, Marcia Adolphe Martins, and Alyssa Bistonath. The AGB would like to acknowledge the generous contribution of the Halton Region Investment Fund in support of the AGB Digital programming.

Tamyka Bullen has been involved in social services for women, immigrants, youths, and the LGBTQA community for many years. In 2015 she became involved in the theatrical world as an ASL poetry performer. In 2018, she debuted as an actress for the Sound Off Festival production Deaf That! and Judith Thompson’s play After the Blackout. She teaches ASL lessons and loves to craft and mingle stories, arts, poems, acting, and dance on stage, and to voice her feelings and thoughts through her hands, body language, and facial expressions. Her motto: Embrace Yourself, Show Yourself!

Image Credit:    Image credit: Tamyka Bullen, Fly Higher, video still, 2021