Artwork Donation FAQ

The Art Gallery of Burlington accepts donations of contemporary Canadian ceramics for its permanent collection. To ensure your donation fits with the Gallery’s collecting mandate, a formal acquisition process is undertaken with can take anywhere from 4-12 months to complete.

  • What is the first step?

    If you are considering a donation of a contemporary Canadian ceramic artwork(s), the first step is to contact the Art Gallery of Burlington by submitting the online donation form. Once received, the curatorial department will review your offer. Please note, this may take several weeks. If the artwork(s) is suitable for the Gallery’s collection, the artwork(s) will be brought forward at the next Permanent Collection Committee meeting for approval.

  • Approval Process

    The Permanent Collection Committee is comprised of local collectors, ceramic artists and enthusiasts from the community. Meetings are scheduled 4-5 times a year. The Committee considers the gifts based on existing criteria in our Collections Policy. If the Permanent Collection Committee approves the gift, the donation process will proceed. Donations valued over $50,000 must receive approval from the Board of Governance before the acquisition can take place.

  • Approved Donations

    Once all approvals have been made, the donor will be asked to sign a Deed of Gift that legally transfers ownership for the Gallery. A Deed of Gift cannot be signed until all approvals have been received.

  • Tax Receipts & Appraisals

    The Art Gallery of Burlington is a registered charity according to the guidelines of the Canada Revenue Agency, and is able to issue tax receipts for the appraised fair market value of the donation.

    To issue a tax receipt, appraisals are completed for new acquisitions by two qualified appraisers with no association to the Gallery or donors. These appraisals are conducted in January, with tax receipts mailed to donors in late January/early February.

    The Gallery is not able to advise donors about personal tax information. We are also unable to provide in-house appraisals for any type of artwork, or recommend specific appraisers.

  • Bequests

    We encourage donors with whom discussions have taken place about the future of their collections, to make the necessary adjustments to their Last Will and Testament, if they intend for objects to come to the Gallery after their death. Please ask your lawyer to send the relevant section of your will to the Gallery to be kept on file. Be advised that bequests will be subject to the process that applies to all donations.

    If you do not notify the AGB of your intention to leave ceramic artworks to the Gallery in your will, please understand that we are not under any obligation to accept these items, and when the time comes, we will treat them as any other donation and proceed according to our donation process.

  • Recognition

    Donations to the permanent collection become the property of the Art Gallery of Burlington, and we may store, display or interpret the artworks at our discretion. At any point where artworks are on display or where images are used, the Gallery will credit the donor according to their wishes detailed on the Deed of Gift.

For inquiries about potential ceramic artwork donations, we prefer that you complete the online donation form. Walk-ins are NOT encouraged. For any additional information, please contact:

Christine Saly-Chapman
Collections Manager