Art Sales and Rentals FAQ

  • How do art sales and rentals work?

    To rent art by the month, sign up for an annual AGB membership*. Monthly rental fees range from $30 – $260. Rental Periods are 1 to 3 months for individuals and up to 6 months for commercial members. If you decide to purchase art, up to 3 months rental fees are deducted. We also have great options for monthly payment plans that can make purchasing great artwork a little easier.

    View our selection online.

    *AGB Membership benefits include art rental, special pricing on events and the gallery gift shop and reciprocal benefits at participation galleries. Memberships range from: $75-$90 and Corporate memberships/ film and television memberships are $250.

  • What kind of artwork is available?

    We provide a selection of artwork in a variety of media and wide range of styles, sizes and prices. Our rotating collection contains over 500 works of art carefully chosen from the studios of emerging and established Canadian artists.

  • For your home:

    We offer a pretense free onsite service tailored to your art taste and budget. Renting is a great option to enjoy a variety of original art or to try a piece before committing to a purchase.

  • For your office:

    Create a great first impression with distinctive artwork in your reception, office and meeting space. Rental fees are fully tax deductible for businesses.

  • For film & television production:

    Stage beautiful sets with a variety of artworks to choose from that range from traditional to modern in style. Original artwork can bring to life any set and create a perfect backdrop to any character. The AGB has retained permission for filming from each of the artists we represent in the shop and can provide the necessary release agreements for filming upon request.

  • Services available:

    • Specialized art consultation for your home, office or set
    • Art delivery and/or installation for home and/or office (in GTA)
    • Packaging and shipping within Canada and the US (Shipping quotes are available upon request- email for more details)
  • Contact:

    Theodora Roman, AGB Shop Manager and Art Sales and Rentals Coordinator

    Location: 1333 Lakeshore Rd. Burlington, Ontario

    Phone 905-639-7796 ext. 301

    Email :

  • Art Rental Regulations:

    1. Renters must be members of the Art Gallery of Burlington to rent Artwork. Rental Period: Minimum of 1 month, maximum of 3 months; corporate members, maximum of 6 months.
    2. Rental Fees are prepaid and nonrefundable. Corporate Members may arrange for direct billing.
    3. All paintings are available to purchase. A maximum of 3 months rental fees paid will be deducted from the purchase price of same painting.
    4. Returns: Please return artwork during regular business hours. Tuesday-Friday. 12 p.m. – 5 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. *
    5. Renters assume responsibility for loss or damage of the artwork while in their possession. If damage occurs, renters must notify art rental immediately. No attempt must be made to repair, clean, or remove art from the frame or otherwise alter the artwork.
      *Artwork not returned by due date will be subject to overdue fees
  • For Artists, How to apply:

    The AGB Shop welcomes presentation submissions from artists. Five or more good quality images should accompany your submission. We are looking for work with a distinct style and focus that meets the needs of our market. Selection is based on artistic merit with consideration on what is suitable for our inventory mix. Exclusivity in the local market is preferred.

    Please email your application with the subject line Art Submission AGB Shop and your name to

    Please provide your:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone and email
    • Website
    • Artist Statement
    • Resume including: experience, awards, exhibitions and where you are selling your work

    Send five or more images to of work currently available to sell. Show a selection of one or two styles. Please include title, year, medium, size, and retail price.

    Submissions are reviewed as they come in and we will follow up within 30 days of receiving your application.  New artwork is selected by appointment during spring and fall intake sessions where each artist brings in new work and collects work not sold. We require 8 to 10 paintings for first time submissions and 5 to 8 on future appointments. Artwork remains in the gallery inventory for a minimum of one year. All artwork must be prepared for hanging and framed where required.

    The AGB Shop retains 45% of all sales and 50% of rental fees. Payments for artwork sold are made in the month following the sale. Payments for artworks rented are paid out twice a year, January and July, for the previous six months. Small works $200 and under are for sale only.


    Submit your application to:

    Theodora Roman

    AGB Shop Manager & Art Sales and Rentals Coordinator

    Tel: 905 632 7796 Ext. 301