Radical Rug-hooking Online Workshop with Marina Dempster

   February 24

   6:00 - 7:00 pm

   Online Zoom

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Join sculptural fibre artist Marina Dempster in using the traditional craft of rug hooking to engage in a practice of radical presence, acceptance, enjoyment, and self-compassion. In this workshop we will use a playful humour and scrap materials to make something out of nothing – we will get experimental, expressive, and empowered. Whether you are a beginner or expert, together we will delight in how rug hooking is an accessible and nourishing habit that can allow us to hook into the simple joy of a tactile process, while expanding our awareness, and tapping into our creative superpowers to inspire, heal and surprise ourselves and each other.


  • Scissors
  • A hoop (embroidery hoop, rug hooking hoop, punch needle hoop- almost any needle craft hoop will do)
  • A rug hooker’s hook
  • Linen or cotton for a base for the stitch work
  • A tapestry or darning needle
  • Fabric scraps, silk ribbons, and other materials you want to explore with

Refuse materials or whatever you have on hand are highly encouraged.

A Beginner’s Rug Hooking Starter Kit is optional and available for pick up while quantities last at the AGB Brock Lobby on Wednesday February 24, from 12-5pm only. Please call the Front Desk at 905-632-7796 ext. 0 to reserve a kit for pick up. The kit includes 1 Hoop, 1 Hooker’s hook, burlap for base fabric, tapestry needle, fabric scraps and other surprises.


You will need to have a screen device with a Zoom account and some proficiency in navigating Zoom.

We are unable to go over “how-to-Zoom” during the workshop due to limited time.

To learn Zoom basic navigations, please watch this short YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiMAStIflXI

To learn how to Pin a Video on Zoom, please watch this short YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYg-0p4M_Qo

Registration will end two days before the workshop start date. The zoom link will be emailed to registrants prior to the workshop start date.


Marina Dempster is a sculptural fibre artist who makes contemporary objects employing traditional craft techniques. Informed by the patterns and cycles of nature, this crafting is a transmutation of materials, thoughts, and emotions. Loop by loop, bead by bead, she explores human paradoxes: comfort and discomfort, stillness and action, acceptance, and change. Her playful and vibrant installations are a celebration of the human imagination, showing that renewal and growth are encouraged when a personal practice is shared in a communal context.

Marina Dempster’s hybrid art practice is born out of her own hybrid cultural identities: born in Mexico, to European parents, and has lived in Canada since the age of two. Her sculptural fibre art has been exhibited internationally in over a dozen art museums including the Cheoungju International Biennale representing the “Unity and Diversity” of contemporary Canadian fine craft. Her professional photography work has seen her win numerous awards, including a Juno. As a curator and mentor, Dempster is most enlivened by what happens when personal practice meets community. She is a passionate intergenerational champion of the creativity in others, sharing her various processes as a means of igniting habits and rituals which foster self-knowledge and community connection, leading to positive social change.

You can catch up with Marina’s current projects on her social media:

Image credits: Christina Gapic

Image Credit:    Courtesy of the artist