Art is Everything: Salt

AGE:   Child

DAY:   Saturday

START/END:   June 12 - June 30

TIME:   1:00 pm

LOCATION:   Digital, via IGTV

Education Policies

Did you know that art is everything? You can transform everyday materials into works of art with a little creativity, and innovation.

Every week, we will share a family-friendly video on Youtube where a special guest educator will lead you through three different projects with one common material found around the home. 

Share your creations with us using the Padlet app, and we’ll post a photo of your art on a future video we produce! 

This week, special guest Setareh will show you how to make art with salt! Try one of her projects (from salt jars, to salt drawings and ornaments), or invent a new project of your very own.

Thank you to our generous Open Studio sponsor: Burlington Hydro