Kitchen Table Printmaking

AGE:   Adult

DAY:   Wednesday

START/END:   Jan 20 - Feb 24

TIME:   7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



INSTRUCTOR:   Tricia Rawlins

LOCATION:   Digital, via Zoom

Education Policies

Many believe printmaking is difficult, highly technical, and requires special equipment. However, when looked at differently, printmaking can be simple, use everyday materials, and be playful and experimental. In this course, students will learn how common items such as vegetables, styrofoam and erasers can be used for the creation of printed works of art. This course will involve demos of block printing and stamping and allow students the time to explore forms of printmaking that draw inspiration from domestic space, and can be done easily at home. Students will build confidence in printmaking techniques while gaining greater understanding of elements of art.