Hand Building and Reclaiming Clay

AGE:   Adult

DAY:   Tuesday

START/END:   April 27, 2021 - June 15, 2021

TIME:   1 to 4 PM



INSTRUCTOR:   Nicole Clouston

LOCATION:   Onsite


Education Policies

In this course, students will learn multiple methods of hand building with clay including slab-forming, armature construction, mold making and carving. Students will also be taught how to reclaim and recycle clay. The reuse of clay scraps is an integral part of keeping the ceramic process sustainable. Beginners to clay and experienced students are welcome!

In addition to the course fee, students pay $30 on the first day of class for one bag of clay, firing and glazing.

About the Instructor: Nicole Clouston is a practice-based researcher and teacher who recently completed her Ph.D. in Visual Art at York University in Toronto. In her practice, she asks: “What happens we acknowledge through an embodied experience, our connection to a world teeming with life both around and inside us?” Nicole has exhibited across Canada and internationally, most recently in Detroit, Michigan. She was the artist in residence at the Coalesce Bio Art Lab at the University of Buffalo and the artist in residence at Idea Projects Ontario Science Centre’s Studio Residencies at MOCA. Her work can be found at www.nicoleclouston.com.