Youth Hook-Ins

presented with Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK) and the Positive Space Network (PSN)

Facilitated by:   Larry Weyand

March - April 2021

Inspired by Maritime “hook-ins” where– similar to quilting bees– people gather to work on hooked rugs as a social outlet and vehicle for collaboration, artist Larry Weyand will help youth create small hooked mats that reflect on personal memories and milestones. Their hooked mats will be integrated into Larry Weyand’s upcoming exhibition Peeling the Sticker Off an Overripe Pear at the AGB.

About the facilitator:

Larry Weyand is a performance artist and rug hooker whose work defies the established properties of traditional floor decor and domesticity. Fueled by the complex history of processed foods and emotional trauma, Larry investigates how hard-to-swallow narratives can occupy space within the soft, fluffy boundaries of textile-based craft. Larry is now a visiting professor in Fibres & Textiles at Memorial University’s Grenfell campus in their new home in Newfoundland.

The above program is delivered to community members through our collaborating service organization(s), and is not open to the general public. Please visit our partnering organization’s website to learn more about the communities they serve.

Image credit: Larry Weyand, Five Babybels, Briggs & Little yarn, burlap, thread, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist.